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Our most popular method of branding is custom embroidery. Embroidery is a hardwearing, good quality way to show off your brand identity on your team’s workwear, incorporating many colours at no extra charge. We can offer bulk workwear orders, which you can order online for UK delivery or in person pick-up.

We offer an in-house digitizing service for setting up your custom embroidery logos. They are then tested by our embroidery department and once these have passed quality control, we then send a proof to you for approval, via email or UK post, ahead of full production of your order.

Our personalised embroidery service is ideal for shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and caps. The most popular position for embroidered designs and logos is the left breast, but other positions such as right or left sleeve, nape of neck or large back are also used. Large back embroideries are subject to the design and final stitch counts.

We operate 8 embroidery machines with a capacity of up to 25,000 embroideries per month.

Setup costs for personalised embroidery logos range from £15.00 – £25.00, subject to VAT.





We can transfer anything to your workwear as embroidery, from an emailed design to a logo on a letterhead, to a quick sketch on a piece of paper. 


Before we can embroider your design to your workwear, we need to convert the artwork into a computer format called a BITMAP. 

With the help of specialist software, this skilled process can take anything up to several hours work. Variables such as embroidery stitch style, density and direction are decided, to give the most accurate interpretation of your personalised design.

Once perfected, the design for your workwear is saved to a disk, archived and inserted in the embroidery machine. We will email you or post you a finished embroidery sample for you approval. 


From an extensive range of high-quality thread, the most compatible colours and finishes are carefully chosen to represent your embroidered workwear design. The cops or cones are then threaded onto the embroidery machine. 


The workwear fabric or garment is carefully tensioned into an embroidery frame and secured to the machinery in readiness for production. 

The embroidery machine reads the disk and translates the image that are constantly monitored by an experienced machinist for maximum embroidery quality. 


Each garment is then steamed, folded & individually polybagged ready for despatch or collection by you in person.

“Custom embroidered clothing has the potential to last a lifetime. ”

EMJ Workwear


Custom workwear Made to last

Embroidered designs retain their quality for several years, over multiple washes. Custom embroidered work clothing has the potential to last a lifetime.


Flexibility of fabrics

If you want to brand fabrics like fleeces, caps, thick jackets, bespoke bulk embroidery services may be best for you.

Embroidery works best on thicker fabrics. For instance a very thin T-shirt would not hold the stitches as well as a thicker polo.


Elegant looking Work Uniforms

It can be hard to beat the classic, elegant look of a carefully embroidered logo on the left of a polo shirt for instance. Embroidered work clothing does tend to have a certain level of class and professionalism.

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From design to bulk printing to delivery we make sure the process is smooth and easy and we are fulfilling your requirements.